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Herd of Elephants Canvas print
Herd of Elephants Canvas print

Herd of Elephants Canvas print

Elephants naturally live in herds with clearly established and linear social orders.
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This item is available in 32'x12' only.

Elephants are great. They are the largest land mammals. They are said to be wise, very clever and are supposed to remember everything and everyone. We can't be sure about that, but what we can be sure about is that they are extremely interesting and fascinating animals. The most amazing thing about them is probably their trunk. They drink with it, they eat with it. They tend to each other with it and grab all sorts of heavy duty with it. And let's not forget about the adorable baby elephants – one of the cutest babies in the animal kingdom.

Our Herd of Elephants Canvas Print shows a family of elephants wandering through their natural habitat, the African steppe. It's a beautiful setting and you can clearly make out the leader, the largest male elephant. They are surrounded by hills in the background and the trees that are so typical for the region.

The construction and assembly of our canvases with a 2cm strong wooden frame is completely done by hand. The aluminum wall hanging brackets are supplied, depending on size the amount of hanging brackets variates.

Our canvas wall decorations have the following features
  • Print on high quality canvas, 65% polyester and 35% cotton
  • High color intensity, saturation and durable.
  • The canvas surface does make the image come to life.
  • No glare due to matt surface.
  • Frame completely made of 100% spruce.

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