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Kawarau River Canvas print
Kawarau River Canvas print

Kawarau River Canvas print

A spectacular New Zealand scenery
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New Zealand's Kawarau River is a fascinating, beautiful and dangerous place at the same time. The natural beauty of the 60km long stream is stunning, but the strong currents and many rapids have claimed many lives. Many people have tried to get rich here by extracting gold, but most of the mining huts shut down due to lack of success. Nowadays, the river is a tourist attraction and equally appealing to walkers and climbers as for people who want to try water rafting and river boarding.

Kawarau is a Maori name and means 'many shrubs'. The Maori people gave the river this name because they recognised the unusual amount of vegetation, especially shrubs, along the riverbed. We have tried to live up to the name and our Kawarau River Canvas Print shows both – the river and the shrubs.

All our Canvas Prints – including the Kawarau River Canvas Print – are mounted on wooden frames and come with two hangers. And the best thing is that you have four sizes to chose from, so you can pick the one that's right for your home!

The construction and assembly of our canvases with a 2cm strong wooden frame is completely done by hand. The aluminum wall hanging brackets are supplied, depending on size the amount of hanging brackets variates.

Our canvas wall decorations have the following features
  • Print on high quality canvas, 65% polyester and 35% cotton
  • High color intensity, saturation and durable.
  • The canvas surface does make the image come to life.
  • No glare due to matt surface.
  • Frame completely made of 100% spruce.

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