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Lavender Field Panorama Canvas print
Lavender Field Panorama Canvas print

Lavender Field Panorama Canvas print

High-quality canvas prints supplied on wooden stretchers.
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When we think of lavender, we think of those mighty shrubs with their many blossoms in a vivid lilac. Lavender thrives in dry, lose earth and gravel, but can grow almost everywhere. It survives the hardest winters and is very resistant. Many medical and beauty products are made with lavender as it is said to have antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties. Lavender oil is an essential oil that is used in perfumes, salves and balms. If you love lavender as much as we do, then you should transform your lounge or kitchen into a lilac field with this Lavender Field Panorama Canvas Print.

This beautiful panorama picture shows endless rows of lavender shrubs in a rural setting. Surrounded by hills and mountains and only interrupted by some trees, this ocean of lush colour under the blue and white sky looks dramatic and gorgeous at the same time.

Our Lavender Field Panorama Canvas Print it printed on 100% canvas cotton and is mounted on a wooden frame. 

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