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The Highlands of Iceland Canvas print
The Highlands of Iceland Canvas print

The Highlands of Iceland Canvas print

Iceland's volcanic landscape.
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Iceland is a fascinating country. The landscape is something special. The long stretch of volcanos, gush springs that are spurting out hot water and the parts of the island that are covered by ice – there is no other place on earth like Iceland. Tourism is booming and more and more people are mesmerised by the people and the land. If you are a fan of Iceland, then the Highlands of Iceland Canvas Print is the perfect decoration for you and your wall.

The reddish hills in the front, illuminated by the sunlight look gorgeous on their own, but the low clouds and the streams of water flowing in between them makes them look even more stunning. The colours blend into each other and make this The Highlands of Iceland Canvas Print a very special piece of decoration.

All Canvas Prints are mounted on wood and include two hangers, so it's easy for you to attach them to the wall. All you need to do now is do chose which of the five sizes you want!

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