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Wellness Ambiente - Square Canvas print
Wellness Ambiente - Square Canvas print

Wellness Ambiente - Square Canvas print

The perfect design for a relaxing atmosphere.
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Sometimes it doesn't need much for that perfect picture. Our Wellness Ambiance Canvas Print is a great example: A white ceramic bowl with some pink flower heads on an old, chipped table. All it needs it the perfect lighting and colors to come together to create this stunning picture of peace and calm. The pink of the flowers and the light blue of the table is a match made in heaven and simply couldn't be any better.

Transform your home into a relaxing oasis of calm and peace. The Wellness Ambiance Canvas Print will help you settle after a stressful day at work or looking after the kids. Hang it onto the wall in your bedroom or next to your rocking chair in the conservatory.

This item is available in various sizes.

The construction and assembly of our canvases with a 2cm strong wooden frame is completely done by hand. The aluminum wall hanging brackets are supplied, depending on size the amount of hanging brackets variates.

Our canvas wall decorations have the following features
  • Print on high quality canvas, 65% polyester and 35% cotton
  • High color intensity, saturation and durable.
  • The canvas surface does make the image come to life.
  • No glare due to matt surface.
  • Frame completely made of 100% spruce.

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