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Flowers for Kids Wall Decals
Flowers for Kids Wall Decals

Flowers for Kids Wall Decals

This 12-piece set is especially loved by the little ones.
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Flowers are a big hit all year round and so are our Flowers for Kids Wall Decals. We all are drawn to flowers, we all have our favorites. There is nothing better than seeing the first flower buds breaking through the earth as the first sign that spring has finally arrived and the blossoms stay with us all summer. Whether you are a fan of the tiny daisies in your garden or the stunning rose bush in the park, flowers lift our mood and make us feel happy.

We created Flowers for Kids Wall Decals in a way that appeals especially to children. Clear and simple shapes in many colors will brighten up your child's room and make it feel like you are standing in the middle of flower paradise. Your little one is going to be amazed! The set contains 12 different blossoms, 5 large and 7 smaller blossoms.

The Flowers for Kids Wall Decals are available in different sizes. You could combine them with some butterfly wall decals or even other flower wall decals to create an even more colorful world of fun!

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