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Live every Moment… 2 (2-colors) Wall Decal
Live every Moment… 2 (2-colors) Wall Decal
Live every Moment… 2 (2-colors) Wall Decal
Live every Moment… 2 (2-colors) Wall Decal
Live every Moment… 2 (2-colors) Wall Decal

The struggle of juggling life with all its commitments can be a real challenge. Family, job and all other duties sometimes make us forget what really counts in life. Making your children laugh and let them make you laugh, cuddling up with your partner on a cold winter’s day or enjoying a cold drink on a hot summer’s day – life is more than just work. Let our Live every moment 2 colors wall decal remind you of that.

Live every moment, laugh every day, and love beyond words. The Live every moment 2 colors wall decals can be applied to almost every smooth surface: to the wall above your bed, to the mirror in your hallway or to the kitchen cupboard. They come in two different colors and you can choose them from a huge range of colors.

Did you know that you can get our Live every moment 2 colors wall decals in different sizes?

This item is available in various sizes and colors. The colors of the writing and deco elements can be chosen separately.

Size 1 
Writing: 43x15"
Deco elements: 16x9"
Size 2 
Writing: 41x17
Deco elements: 19x11"
Size 3 
Writing: 59x20"
Deco elements: 22x13"

Size 4
Writing: 67x23"
Deco elements: 25x14"

Size 5 
Writing: 75x25"
Deco elements: 28x16"

  • Self adhesive
  • Easy to install, easy to remove
  • Thin and flexible material - looks like being painted
  • Die cut, no transparent or white borders
Recommended surfaces:
Before applying your wall sticker:
  • Surface must be free of dust, grease, silicone, latex and acrylic paint.
  • Wallpaper with added protective coating may not properly bond with adhesive.
  • If you wall has been painted recently, please be advised to let the paint cure for two to three weeks before applying your decal.
  • Please avoid storing your wall decals for an extended period after receipt.

Wall-Art - Quality since 2007
Manufactured in the US
with American made materials.

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