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Play Wall Decal
Play Wall Decal

Play Wall Decal

Now you can stop the time or rewind back to the past :)
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Rewind, Play, Pause, Stop, Forward. Those buttons are used by us pretty much every day. They make our life easy and comfortable and we are used to them. We sometimes wish we could rewind, pause and forward our lives, it would make things so much easier. Forward during working hours, rewind after a great night out, pause while that very first kiss is happening. Unfortunately, we can't do that. What we can do is to give our lounge, bedroom or kitchen a new cool look with this Play wall decal!

The play wall decal is super stylish. The clear and sharp lines and edges are designed to look sleek and minimalistic, so it's perfect for every interior, whether it's the modern bachelors flat or family kitchen.

What color and size are you looking for? You need something to match your white kitchen or your green hallway? You don't have much room on the wall? No problem! The Play wall decal comes in an incredible range of sizes and colors, so you will be able to find the one that's perfect for your home!

  • Self adhesive
  • Easy to install, easy to remove
  • Thin and flexible material - looks like being painted
  • Die cut, no transparent or white borders
Recommended surfaces:
Before applying your wall sticker:
  • Surface must be free of dust, grease, silicone, latex and acrylic paint.
  • Wallpaper with added protective coating may not properly bond with adhesive.
  • If you wall has been painted recently, please be advised to let the paint cure for two to three weeks before applying your decal.
  • Please avoid storing your wall decals for an extended period after receipt.

Wall-Art - Quality since 2007
Manufactured in the US
with American made materials.

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