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Wall Decal - Have a nice Day!
Wall Decal - Have a nice Day!

Wall Decal - Have a nice Day!

Great big smile! Have a nice Day!
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Wall Decal - Have a nice Day!

Great decal for any family area. 

This item is available in 4 different sizes.

The smiley has been around since 1963 when a graphic designer created it for an insurance company. Since then the world of emoticons has changed a lot and there is hardly any mood or feeling that can't be expressed by using these funny little faces. But let's be honest – the original one is still the best! Our Smiley Wall Decal has been designed to positively change the atmosphere in your home and - even more important – to change your very own mood!

'Have a nice day' is something we probably say every day to our children, partners, customers or even the bus driver. It is a simple phrase with a big meaning. Enjoy your day, make the most of it! The Smiley Wall Decal is perfect for the kitchen, bathroom or hallway – the rooms where you spend most of your time in in the morning. The large friendly eyes and the smiling mouth will put you and your loved ones in a good mood straight away!

This wall quote is a big, happy reminder to everyone who comes into the room to "have a nice day!" It is perfect for living areas and for places with guests. The Have a Nice Day Wall Decal is crafted into a smiley face that will especially appeal to kids and young adults who love emojis. 

This cute wall decal adjusts to match any room. It comes in 35 colors - a bright pink, blue, or yellow would make its happy message even more cheering. It also comes in 4 sizes, so it can fit the space you think best. There are many places that are ideal for this wall quote, like a hallway where people see it as they leave for the day. 

Applying this decal is easy enough to make anyone grin. It has a self-adhesive backing that bonds with most household surfaces, including fine plaster, wallpaper, and acrylic. No white or transparent borders will mess up the pleasant perfection of this quote, as the edges are die cut. It adheres so closely to the wall that it looks part of it. But it also removes easily whenever you would like to put up a new inspirational quote.

The Smiley Wall Decal comes in various sizes and colors! Pick the one that is right for you and have a nice day!

  • Self adhesive
  • Easy to install, easy to remove
  • Thin and flexible material - looks like being painted
  • Die cut, no transparent or white borders
Recommended surfaces:
Before applying your wall sticker:
  • Surface must be free of dust, grease, silicone, latex and acrylic paint.
  • Wallpaper with added protective coating may not properly bond with adhesive.
  • If you wall has been painted recently, please be advised to let the paint cure for two to three weeks before applying your decal.
  • Please avoid storing your wall decals for an extended period after receipt.

Wall-Art - Quality since 2007
Manufactured in the US
with American made materials.

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