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Bayern München Pack Mas - Photo Mural
Bayern München Pack Mas - Photo Mural

Bayern München Pack Mas - Photo Mural

An Impressive View of the Allianz Arena Stadium!
Product ID: FT-FCB-101-260
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Item Description

A must-have for soccer fans. This photo mural depicts the Allianz Arena which is one of the most modern Stadiums in Germany. It was built in 2005 and is the home of the most successful team in Germany, Bayern Munchen. You can recreate the ambiance of the Bundesliga right in your home with this new photo mural from wall-art.us. 

These gorgeous wall murals are great to transform and customize individual walls in your home. A wide variety of styles and motifs can be found in our online shop wall-art.us.  Application is quick and easy with our straightforward instructions.

Note: For optimal impression, the mural should be viewed from a slight distance. Minimal blurriness is inevitable close-up even with the highest resolution print. This does not, in any way, affect the overall impression.

Material: Fleece

Overal Size: 151in x 102in

Made in Germany

The Wall-Art photo wallpaper is a high quality product »MADE IN EUROPE«.

Our fleece wallpaper has the advantage that you have the ability to make small corrections after applying. Another advantage is that the fleece wallpaper is slightly thicker than the self-adhesive vinyl.

Note: For the best result you look at the wallpaper from a small distance. Viewed from up-close a slightly blurred effect is unavoidable.

Properties Fleece Photo Wallpapers
  • suitable for every surface which is suitable for wallpaper
  • covers small cracks and dents in the wall
  • easy to handle and to apply
  • can be applied without overlap
  • high light-resistance & durability
  • weight: 130 g/m²

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