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Lighthouse Dune - Photo Mural
Lighthouse Dune - Photo Mural

Lighthouse Dune - Photo Mural

Photo Mural with lighthouse and clear blue sky.
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Item Description

Size: 11' 5" x 8' (width x height)
Panel(s): 7
Panel Size: 2' x 8' (width x height)
Material:    Fleece

The wall mural comes in panels and includs a slight overlap for perfect vertical fitting.
Each panel has an extra 2" in height to balance out possible uneven wall height.

If you are interested in different sizes or only parts of an image,
Please contact us at [email protected] with a brief description of your custom request.
You can also call us at 781-592-1694 to discuss your request. We are happy to assist.

The Wall-Art photo wallpaper is a high quality product »MADE IN EUROPE«.

Our fleece wallpaper has the advantage that you have the ability to make small corrections after applying. Another advantage is that the fleece wallpaper is slightly thicker than the self-adhesive vinyl.

Note: For the best result you look at the wallpaper from a small distance. Viewed from up-close a slightly blurred effect is unavoidable.

Properties Fleece Photo Wallpapers
  • suitable for every surface which is suitable for wallpaper
  • covers small cracks and dents in the wall
  • easy to handle and to apply
  • can be applied without overlap
  • high light-resistance & durability
  • weight: 130 g/m²

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