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Color Samples

Our Wall Decals are available in a wide variety of brilliant colors. You want to be sure that what you see on your screen is what you get for your wall? Our free Color Swatch service makes it possible.

In addition to your color selection we will sent you a free test sample to make sure that the decal will stick on your wall or other surface.

You can check at home if your selection of wall decal colors matches what you have
in mind for your interior decor.

Below you can make your selection of colors by clicking the color fields.Select up to 5 colors and enter your address information.

Submit and your color selection will be sent out to you the next business day.

  • white

  • pastel orange

  • pumpkin

  • golden yellow

  • yellow

  • dark red

  • red

  • light red

  • violet

  • lavender

  • lilac

  • pink

  • soft pink

  • dark blue

  • king blue

  • brilliant blue

  • azure

  • light blue

  • turquoise blue

  • turquoise

  • dark green

  • green

  • light green

  • lime tree

  • olive

  • dark brown

  • nut brown

  • light brown

  • beige

  • black

  • dark grey

  • middle grey

  • light grey

  • silver

  • gold

  • copper

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