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Versace Home Baroque Stripes

Luxurious baroque Stripes in Cream, Metallic, and White Design
Product ID: AS935901
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h2> Versace - Baroque Stripes

Opulent floral scrolls and tone-in-tone stripes in an exquisite satin structural mix – the elegant decors radiate feminine sophistication. In shades of cream and metallic, with a delicate shimmer of pearl, Creamy Barocco conjures the light-hearted side of Baroque onto the walls.

Transform your walls with this awesome design, creating your own individual and eye-catching look. This wallpaper can easily be installed using the paste the wall technique. Mission awesome! New look, accomplished!.

  • Material: Vinyl
  • Support Material: non-woven
  • Properties: washable, light fast, dry strippable
  • Roll width: 27.56 in
  • Roll length: 11 yd
  • Label: FSC-Mix, RAL Quality Mark
  • Quality: Made in Germany

Please note this is a European product!

One roll of this product is 27.56” wide and 33’ long and therefore holds 6’ more in length than the North American double roll and is about half an inch wider than its American counterpart.

European wallpaper is one long sheet of 33’ versus the North American standard of 2 sheets of approx. 13.5’ each.

One roll will give you about 13 square feet more coverage than an American double roll.

Thank you!

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