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Vintage Cherry Blossoms Wall Decal
Vintage Cherry Blossoms Wall Decal

Vintage Cherry Blossoms Wall Decal

Vinatge spring for this special romantic feeleing.
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Are you looking for a new style for your home after a long and cold winter? You like the vintage look? Then we've got just the thing for you! This beautiful Vintage Cherry Blossoms Wall Sticker is going to bring springtime into your house in no time at all! Cherry blossoms are considered to be originally from the Himalayas, but nowadays they can be found in many places of the northern hemisphere. Especially Japan is famous for their stunning cherry blossom trees!

This particular wall decal is in a vintage look. The light colors make sure that it suits almost any interior style, while the details are amazing! Each blossom and leaf looks different from the others and the branch itself is very subtle. It doesn't matter which of your rooms needs a new look, the Vintage Cherry Blossom Wall Decal will brighten up any of them!

There are various sizes to choose from.

  • Self adhesive
  • Easy to install, easy to remove
  • Thin and flexible material - looks like being painted
  • Die cut, no transparent or white borders
Recommended surfaces:
Before applying your wall sticker:
  • Surface must be free of dust, grease, silicone, latex and acrylic paint.
  • Wallpaper with added protective coating may not properly bond with adhesive.
  • If you wall has been painted recently, please be advised to let the paint cure for two to three weeks before applying your decal.
  • Please avoid storing your wall decals for an extended period after receipt.

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Manufactured in the US
with American made materials.

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